Entranced by the dark red barn on the hill, she can’t help but attempt to preserve it on canvas. She finds the colors fascinating. To her, there is nothing more beautiful than the way the leaves on the trees, birds in the field and green grass blend with the old barn.



Meet Elsie Fogle, a successful Orangeburg artist, and teacher, who specializes in painting – primarily watercolor.


“ I never get bored with color,” Fogle said.

“Color still excites me every morning. I also enjoy the facial expressions I get from students who begin to lose themselves in their painting.


Fogle spent her childhood on a tobacco farm in Bamberg County, and she credits her love of all thing southern to her childhood. Her father worked with the U.S. Government, teaching other farmers how to grow tobacco.


Fogle has been painting most of her life and found success in her ability to reach happiness through her work.
“ I think any time you feel fulfilled you have to call yourself successful,” Fogle said. “I am pleased with where I am.”


She credits much of her happiness and success to the late Oscar Wetherington, whom she had worked with for eight years.
Fogle says she took his master classes and considered him a dear friend.

Fogle’s first art show was a sell-out held in Orangeburg in 1974.

“I had to scrape together maybe 25 paintings,” Fogle said. “I had worked day and night listening to Willie Nelson.”

Fogle said she doesn’t think she will ever get over the nervousness of an art showing. She said she feels like she is opening herself to the entire world.

Elsie Fogle has two watercolor paintings permanently on display at the Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center

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She finds the colors fascinating

Entranced by the dark red bran on the hill, she can’t help but attempt to preserve it on canvas.

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