I am privileged to have been born in the most beautiful state in the nation, South Carolina.

I have lived here my entire life....


elsie lewis fogle

Meet Elsie Lewis Fogle, a successful Orangeburg artist and teacher who specializes in painting – primarily watercolor.

Though I prefer the southern part of the United States, I have been blessed with many opportunities to travel. No matter how far away from home I may be, my distinct southern drawl gives away my heritage every time.

This beautiful state that I call home has white sand beaches, majestic mountains, softly rolling hills, acres upon acres of farmland, as well as lush wetlands. Foresight has assured that much of this beauty will remain that future generations can enjoy. Forests, wetlands, and large tracts of farmland that are in preservation are the subject of my paintings.

I am thrilled that over the years I have had the chance to observe the seasons of change that have occurred in southern barns. The sagging, aged wood of hay, tobacco barns, livestock barns, and stables have so much more personality than the same structures built of aluminum can achieve.

A creative license allows for painting one of these scenes while changing the age of the barn by fifty years. In addition to rural views, I also paint Palmetto trees and the beaches in every color. They tend to be just as pretty in pink as they are in their natural colors. The south is just too beautiful not to paint. Ribbons and contests are great but teaching someone to paint a picture they "like" is fulfilling.

I will never grow weary of color as it touches paper or canvas! I currently live and own a teaching studio in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Meet the artist of ART

Mrs Elsie Lewis Fogle

Who is Elsie Fogle

Elsie Fogle grew up on tobacco farm, and had lived in Orangeburg most of her adult life...

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She finds the colors fascinating

Entranced by the dark red bran on the hill, she can’t help but attempt to preserve it on canvas.

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On canvas, she is pure Elsie

In conversation, local artist Elsie Lewis Fogle might be assessed as part Designing Women’s Julia Sugarbaker and part Fannie Flag, as she has a biting sense of humor

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